Creative Play

I enjoy challenging my creative abilities. I look for opportunities to continue learning and growing throughout my career and I always make time to work on fun projects with friends outside of work. Whether it is going out and exploring a new place with a camera in hand or tinkering with new design tools in my free time. Creative play is important and helps me to stay inspired and curious about the world.

Experiential Photography Graphic Design

Experiencial Physical & Digital Spaces

As a Designer, I find joy in transforming spaces expand my and others thinking through experiences such as event and community organizing. I love to connect people in the physical, digital and all spaces in between.

Distant Connections Website

Virtual Experience | Creative Collective

Distant Connections started as a social campaign designed to unite creatives and build a global network in which people use their creative talents to foster connections during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our community has since grown to offer a platform to establish new links through 24-hour collaboration projects, virtual workshops, and live talk sessions.

Deeply Rooted Gallery

In-person Experince | Pop up Gallery

'Deeply Rooted' was a personal exploration of my family’s immigration story. The photos and short film viewed in person as a Pop-up Gallery during Dent:Blend annual Marketing Conference held at Feedbacks Richmond,VA office during the fall of 2019.

Manifest Event Page

In-person Experience | Community Event

In the Fall of 2018, I hosted an experiential art gallery to explore and celebrate the stories of diverse women on their individual journey(s) to wellness. This was a 4 part gallery including photography by myself; each series included a scan-able QR code to view in-depth stories on the website. Additionally, the experience had a photo booth with photos taken exclusively by female photographers, a local black and female-owned candle shop 'Self Care Company' as the sole vendor, and network opportunities with guests such as wellness practitioners, business owners, and young and older women and men from all backgrounds.


My first love. I absolutely love capturing a moment in time. Photographing people and places helped me become more curious about life. I've been able to connect with so many diverse voices and I am honored each time I get the opportunity to visually tell a story.

Photography Portfolio

Graphic Design

As a creative, I can't stick to just one medium. I am a self taught Graphic Designer, it's something I picked up because I had a need to promote my own projects and fell in lolve with color and visual hierarchy and ultimately brought me to discover UX design. I enjoy using my skills to helping out friends promote their businesses. I primarily use Adobe Illustrator, Indesign and dabble in Procreate as well.

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