ABout ME
girl holding camera

The Power of Small


I was raised on one principle that's not groundbreaking but solves many problems. That is to do little things with great love. Therefore, to work hard with love, to take care of others with love, and to embrace challenges the same way. It is apparent through all of life's micro-human interactions that design has inspired how we do business and live day by day.

In the future, I hope to create positive digital experiences through Service (UX)Design and strive for inclusivity and accessibility in all spaces. I am uniquely qualified because I have diverse experiences as currently a UX Designer at Razorfish, a background in Business Supply Chain Manufacturing Scheduler, and even a Freelance Photographer. In all these various roles, I've grown to learn more about cultivating better experiences and hope to use my business background and keen design systems knowledge as an asset to any team I am on. So what's next? I look forward to continued working with teams where our values align and together deliver products/services that enhance people's lives!